Ginger tea-ingwertee on wooden mat with lemon

Do you reach for the medicine cabinet every time you have a cold or headache? There are so many natural remedies out there that may help you. Why not try a few and see if they work for you before going straight to the meds?

For headaches, check out Reader’s Digest’s article on “7 Home Remedies for Headaches.” Things like drinking chamomile tea or dipping your feet in a bath of peppermint and lavender are just a few simple things to ease the pain naturally.

For colds, WebMd’s “Home Remedies for Colds” lists a few things that you might not think of when you are feeling sluggish and drowsy! Don’t forget that it is important to stay warm and rested.

Allergies bothering you? Wellness Mama’s “7 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief” could help you through it.  Local honey could be the trick you haven’t thought of yet!

For coughs, Healthline’s “The Best Natural Cough Remedies” article lists a bunch of natural aids. Who knew marshmallows would be the answer to those sleepless nights of coughing?

Itchy? Check out’s “Home Remedies for Rashes.” Try applying a cold compress, and you’ll avoid getting sticky serums all over you.

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