Male Patient And Doctor Have Consultation In Hospital Room

Do you ever find yourself still confused or lacking the information you needed after leaving your doctor’s office? Well, many feel that way because they are simply not prepared. It is important to prepare beforehand so you know what questions to ask and get the correct information. You also want to make sure you are going to remember what was discussed. In the past, I would often get home after a doctor visit and could not recall certain things we discussed.

Below are several helpful tips to help prepare you for the visit.

  • Start a healthcare journal. Write down any symptoms or issues you are concerned about and want to cover with your physician. Remember to take the journal with you when you go!
  • Write down what medications you are taking and the dosage. Keeping a record of all the medications you have ever been on will help in determining what has worked in the past and what has not. There are several websites that can help you manage your medications and allow you to print them out; MediGuard and are two that can be used.
  • Do some research. If you have an illness or medical condition that will need treatment, go online and see what some of the treatment options are. That way, you know ahead of time what your options could be and questions you will want to ask.
  • Does your provider accept your insurance? Nowadays, insurance companies are changing who is in their “network,” so it is always safe to double check. You can call your insurance provider or go online and check.
  • Be honest, and try not to be embarrassed. Your doctor has heard it all! The more you can tell your doctor, the better they will be at treating you.
  • Keep an open mind. Remember, they are the ones with the medical degree and experience. They are going to do what is best for you, so let them.
  • Most importantly, write everything down in your healthcare journal. You might not remember everything that is discussed in your physician’s office, so it is best to write it down!

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