Walking at least a few times a week is like the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it has so many other benefits. Some of those benefits include mood improvement, lowers risk of chronic disease, feel and look stronger, better digestion and the big one, weight loss!

Walking is also the easiest form of exercise since all you need is a pair of walking shoes. You can walk anywhere, in the gym or outside. Once you establish a routine and start walking you will find that you will develop other healthy habits as well. It is the gateway drug to healthy living. You will start to feel more ambitious and start adding more days or walk for longer periods of time. Your body will want you to eat healthier and you will have more energy.

It all starts with a few steps and then a few more until you realize you now are in a routine. It can be little things that help grow the routine and form a health habit, like, parking further away from the store and walking those extra steps or taking the stairs, instead of the elevator.

You can also make walking a social experience and invite friends or start a community walking group with men and women on your street. Having a walking community will also help with holding you accountable and feel motivated to get out there and walk and not be a couch potato.

Feeling stressed? Walk it off. Feeling anxious? Walk it off. Feeling upset or angry, WALK IT OFF.