Children Having Fun And Balancing On Tree In Fall Woodland

Physical activity is important for everyone, especially growing children. Kids who get regular exercise benefit by getting:

  • strong muscles and bones
  • weight control
  • decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • better sleep
  • a better outlook on life

AND all of this contributes to increased academic success.  There are many reasons to make sure kids get the physical activity they need.  However, encouraging physical activity in today’s world of video games, apps, and other technologies can sometimes be an uphill battle for parents.

Below are some tips to help get kids motivated to get on the move:

  • Be a role model: inspire your child to want to be active and fit by doing so yourself.  Better yet- find some fun activities the whole family can take part in, here’s some ideas:
    • Take walks together, crank up the music and have a dance party, get involved in charity walks or runs, or make a rule that everyone gets up and moves around during commercial breaks
  • Try a variety of sports to find something that they enjoy
  • Incorporate more movement in everyday activities like taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators
  • Try some games and apps that encourage movement- here are a couple that we came across:
    • Yuvi – story aerobics for young kids (2-6)
    • NFL 60 – you move the character by moving in real life (made for ages 9+)
  • Most importantly- have fun!!!

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