Most people are aware that fiber is good for you. We hear it in school, from our doctors, and even in commercials. But can you describe how fiber is healthy for you? You might say it helps with digestion or keeps you regular – both are true! However, fiber’s benefits go far beyond helping tummy troubles, and might be the key to your own health goals.

According to the Mayo Clinic, fiber can aid in:

  • Bowel movement regularity
  • Bowel health – lowering your risk of developing hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer (the most prevalent cancer in young adults/Millennials)
  • Lowering cholesterol levels
  • Controlling blood sugar levels – those with Diabetes may benefit from eating soluble fiber which can slow the absorption of sugar
  • Weight loss – in addition to keeping you fuller longer, a diet rich in insoluble fiber can reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease – fiber also may lower your risk of death for cancer

Despite all of fiber’s benefits, the average American only consumes about 50% of their daily recommended amount of fiber. For men, that about 38 grams, while women need 25 grams.

For many, one of the biggest obstacles to reaching their daily amount of fiber is that they don’t like high-fiber foods. While whole grains, broccoli, and apples are great sources of fiber, you can also find it in air-popped popcorn, raspberries, and even baked potatoes with the skin!

To learn more about fiber, its benefits, and high-fiber foods, check out these sources: