This forum is focused on how members maintain a healthy lifestyle and their efforts in preventing health-related problems.

Topics discussed in this forum include:

  • Using spices for health
  • Natural remedies
  • Vitamins/supplements
  • Role of nutrition
  • Women’s health/men’s health
  • Traditional physicians vs. alternative practitioners
  • Staying motivated in exercise routine
  • Activity trackers and health apps
  • Challenges of living healthy


“I am interested in healthy living and with three small kids find it to be a major struggle just finding time to breathe. I’d like some tips on exercise and how to make healthy quick meals that kids will eat. I know what I should be eating but getting kids to eat it is a struggle. I feel like it’s easier just to make nuggets and fries because there’s no complaining… My exercise revolves around my husband’s work schedule and if he works on a Saturday I have to give up my Pilates class (I paid for a weekly class).” – Jaime D.