Poor posture can lead to chronic pain in core muscles that are vital to staying healthy. Whether you’re hunched over in bed with your phone, tablet, or laptop, these poor habits can be putting more strain on your body, impairing your strength, balance, and potentially lead to other physical problems in the long run. According to an article in Harvard’s Health Watch, posture problems can start early, leading to more problems as you age. When spinal alignment is off, it can affect your entire body. Keys to good posture involve small steps that work on your flexibility and strength. More specifically, the key is to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the spine, known as the erector spinae, which work in conjunction with other core muscles and upper-body muscles to maintain good posture. Doctors recommend trying out posture-enhancing exercise to improve your posture, like yoga and Tai Chi. Other exercise that target the upper body, arms, back, and abdomen are also highly recommended to help strengthen muscles that help keep your body aligned. Besides exercises to help strengthen your spine, it’s also important to be aware of your poor posture from the start. Maybe get a better office chair if you happen to be sedentary throughout the work day and notice that your posture is not the best. Or perhaps while watching TV, or standing around, try to maintain good posture. It’s these small steps that can make a big difference long term.


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