Portrait of smiling young african american woman listening to music on headphones outdoors on city street

Music affects people in numerous ways. It can physiologically affect the body by changing heart rate and decreasing blood pressure, body temperature, and respiration rate. It can also help improve quality of life, decrease feelings of isolation, and provide an increased sense of control. Music opens the door spiritually and allows people to explore their own beliefs, and it can evoke repressed emotions that may now be released.

Music can physically stimulate conscious or unconscious body movements that get people moving even when they don’t realize it’s happening!  Natural reactions such as toe tapping or large body movements can improve health.

Music can bring people together socially, not just at large gatherings such as parties, weddings, or funerals, but in more informal, intimate shared experiences.

So, even if the mood doesn’t strike you, slip on the headphones or slip in the earbuds and select your favorite songs.  Before long, you’ll be happier, enjoying life more and improving your overall well-being.


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