Senior woman and dog

Everyone knows pets can be great companions but did you also know they can reduce stress?  When thinking about ways to help minimize stress and feel better, think cats and dogs!  Studies have shown that pets can actually drop your blood pressure and lift your mood.

There are so many benefits to having a pet, it is hard to list them all.  Here are a few that stand out as significant boosters of healthy living.

For those of us who can’t resist the furry creatures that purr or even smile at you, it’s actually therapeutic.  So go ahead, make a fuss of your pet every day.  You will notice how quickly the stresses and strains of the day will melt away.

Not only can your pet improve your health, but others too!  Cats and dogs help others by visiting them in healthcare facilities or assisted living.  Many pets have become regulars to those who are not able to keep a pet and bring joy to their lives.  So go ahead, share your loving pet with others.

Everyone who has a pet or knows someone with a pet will agree that our lives are better with them and the fringe benefits they bring to us are sure to help us stay healthy or even improve our health.  It is a no-brainer!


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