food pyramid pie chart on plate with cutlery

Let’s face it, everyone will diet at one time or another.  For some people, dieting is a way of life.  We think about what not to eat, when are the best times to eat, and even how much of the right food to eat.  Imagine how often we think about the forbidden foods we should try to stay away from! There are gluten-free diets, no-carb and carb-lovers’ diets, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil diets, and even a cookie diet!  They all have one thing in common: trying to guide us to losing weight.

What if we didn’t call it a diet at all but just an everyday plan to eat right? We need to put the good food into our bodies to generate energy and promote strength and be healthy.  We weren’t made to run on chocolate and fruit loops, even if we all love those.  Daily, we must eat:

  • 6–11 servings of good grains
  • 2–4 servings of fruits
  • 3–5 servings vegetables
  • 2–3 servings of meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, or nuts
  • 2–3 servings of dairy

It is also suggested to eat fats and sweets sparingly.  The choices for a well-balanced diet are on our side, and the benefits of nutritious eating will far outweigh (pun intended) the sugars, high fat, and large portion sizes of empty-calorie meals.

It’s a commitment to ourselves to eat right and to make wise food choices that make us feel good!  Start at the grocery store. Make an “Eat Right” List.  Let’s pack ourselves a good lunch, plan healthy breakfasts and dinners, and even get some exercise to invigorate our lives and feel good!  It’s like money in the bank!

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