We’ve known for the past few years that Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you and your health.  Now, new studies are coming out that add to our knowledge about how they impact our health and increasing the number of benefits we can get from them.

  • Heart health! Benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system:
    • Increases the amount of HDL cholesterol, or the heart-healthy ‘good cholesterol’
    • Can help with high blood pressure and high blood-cholesterol levels
    • Prevents/counteracts cardiac arrhythmia
    • Prevents blood clots
    • Prevents fatty deposits and fibrosis of the inner layer of your arteries
    • Lower risk of sudden cardiac events like heart attack or stroke
  • Reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system
  • Can help combat depression
    • Studies are showing that it helps in managing Major Depressive Disorder, especially in patients taking antidepressants
  • Improved brain health and eyesight
    • Improves dry-eye symptoms in people with glaucoma
    • Helps to preserve cognitive function while aging
  • Helps healthy pregnancies and leads to better brain development and heart health of developing fetuses

Sources for Omega-3s include Flaxseed, canola oil, English walnuts, specialty eggs, fish, and fish oils.  You can also find cereals, milk, juice, and other foods fortified with Omega-3s.  You can also find them as standalone supplements.  Talk to your doctor about what might be best for you!

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