Valentine's Day

Attention all chocolate lovers, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have some healthier ideas to keep you on track this year with your healthy New Year resolutions!

  1. Dinner and sweets! You can still have dessert just make healthier choices when you go out. Replace potato with vegetables and steak with a leaner cut of meat, like seafood or chicken. You will also want to watch out for how things are cooked and what they add on them. If you are going to order vegetables make sure they hold the butter! If you can control what’s on your dinner plate that will defiantly earn you a slice of cheesecake to share!
  2. My personal favorite-edible arrangements. Get your loved one a bouquet of fruit with a few berries covered in chocolate and they will be sure to thank you for such a guilt free sweet!
  3. Skip the milk chocolate and go for dark chocolate, just watch your portions. It is healthier but there is still sugar and calories that you should watch out for.
  4. Jewelry! Skip the junk food altogether and get something that will last forever.
  5. Flowers are another gift that are always safe but appreciated. It really shows someone how loved they are and it will not cost us any calories!
  6. Fun activities are always a great way to stay active and spend time with your loved one. Here are a few ideas: ice skating, hiking, camping, and the art museum. There are so many options to choose from!

For more info go to the websites below. I hope our list helps you decide how you will spend your Valentine’s Day and keeps you on track to looking and feeling great this year!


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