With the snow melting, sun shining, and temperatures rising, it may seem obvious that springtime can bring about mental health benefits. You may first think the cause is reductions in Seasonal Affective Disorder or Vitamin D deficiencies, but while those are definitely factors, springtime also brings another major factor – flowers! While to some flowers may just seem like the source of sneezy noses and itchy allergy eyes, studies have found connections between flowers and benefits to wellness such as:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better sleep – lavender helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate, allowing you to relax into sleep!
  • Improved memory – rosemary has been shown to improve memory recall, while lavender has been shown to have the opposite effect!
  • Increased productivity

Colors of flowers have also been shown to evoke certain emotions. Reds can mean love or excitement while blues signify calmness or sadness. You can learn more about the color theory of emotions here.

Gardening can also have positive mental health impacts by increasing feelings of achievement. Being out in the fresh air or gardening with other people is also a great way to boost your mood!