Retrain your taste buds! (How much of taste is nature vs. nurture, anyway?)

Yes, you can!….fill up on less and crave healthier foods!

Reducing sodium tolerance can make it easier to cut back on salt, while food remains flavorful. The more salt we consume, the higher our tolerance becomes (we’re less inclined to really taste it unless it’s in HUGE amounts). So, if we cut back on our salt intake, we’ll eventually start tasting smaller amounts more!

Crave healthier foods by re-sensitizing your taste buds. It will take a little work, but the payoff is worth it! Substitute processed foods with whole foods, and stick with it for some great long-term effects.

Find out more in this article written by dieticians.

At-Home Experiment: How to find out if you are a Supertaster
Although our taste is driven by perception and forms from our habits, some of us are naturally born supertasters and might be more sensitive to flavors. Here’s how to find out if you’re one of them:

  • Cover a Q-tip with blue food coloring
  • Using a mirror, coat the front 1/3 of your tongue with the dye
  • The dye will color your tongue but not the pink bumps (papillae) that contain taste buds
  • Place a hole-punch ring enforcer (or you can use a hole punch to create a hole in a small square of waxed paper) on your tongue
  • Using a mirror (or a friend), count the number of bumps inside the circle of paper
  • More than 30 means you’re a supertaster, while less than 15 means you’re a non-taster

Still want more info? Check out this neat BBC article about the perception of taste.

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