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There are many fun activities the whole family can take part in. October is not just about trick or treating. Here is a list of some must do activities:

  1. Head to a pumpkin patch. Most have lots of activities you can take part in, here are a few: Hay rides, corn maize, pumpkin picking and lots of great food!
  2. Carving pumpkins. Once you get home with your pumpkins you can decide what you want your pumpkin to look like and start carving!
  3. Decorating for Halloween. Grab those spooky ghosts and sticky cob webs and have the whole family decorate inside and outside.
  4. Make Fall treats. Now is the season for roasted pumpkin seeds, warm apple cider and candy apples. Have fun making sweet treats for the family!
  5. Spend time singing, reading and watching Halloween themed songs, books and movies. A personal favorite and must see to watch each year is Hocus Pocus!
  6. Trick or Treat. Whether you are handing out candy or going door to door for candy this is a must do event for everyone. Enjoy the treats!

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