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Being invited to participate in a traditional market research study isn’t always considered a life-changing event. Most people are happy just to have the chance to earn a little extra money by sharing their knowledge and experience. With minimal time commitment required, participating in these kinds of studies is an opportunity most people jump into without expecting their life to be impacted beyond the study.

Thankfully, OnTheWall is anything but a traditional market research company. A group of adolescent and teenage respondents found this out for themselves during one of our studies. Each respondent had an extremely rare ailment that drastically impacted their daily lives. They were recruited to participate in a traditional telephone interview, but they were also invited to join an online community with the rest of their fellow respondents. What happened next changed all of their lives forever.

An OnTheWall Community is a special online group geared towards bringing people together to share insights and experiences about a common theme. In this case, all of the adolescent and teen respondents were brought together to share with one another their own stories of how they treated their ailments and found the strength to keep fighting every day. As with all market research, the respondents only knew each other by first name or an alias picked by the respondents themselves. This allowed respondents to freely share their most personal stories and thoughts.

And share they did! They shared and shared and then shared some more! Before long, the community had well exceeded the number of responses for the study. Respondents gleefully thanked others for sharing advice and ideas they had never heard about before! There were even respondents who mentioned that their own physicians had never shared much of this information with them.

It was at this point that we discovered that this group had never before been connected with as many other people struggling with their particular ailment. OnTheWall had provided them with what they considered to be the most helpful pool of information up to that point in their lives.

The real success stories of OnTheWall Communities come after projects officially close. The respondents in this OnTheWall Community were overwhelmingly thankful for the resources that were provided to them and wanted to continue the community after the project was over.

Online Communities are one of the more dynamic exchanges of information to be found in the market research field. Perhaps we underestimated just what kind of an impact these studies can have in the lives of the respondents. The ability to instantly share your thoughts and experiences with like-minded people, under the cover of anonymity, cannot be overlooked.

One of the perks of becoming a member of our OnTheWall panel is having full access to our pool of communities. We are currently researching what subjects would be most helpful for our panel members to participate in, and we are going to begin rolling them out slowly over the next few months.

OnTheWall panel members are the first to be notified about opportunities to participate in upcoming studies in addition to the communities. These studies often include specific communities, and they can also include online or in-person group studies that bring the perks of online communities to life in the real world.

Joining our panel is free.  If you’d like to join the thousands of other panel members in the quest for a more informed, healthier lifestyle, the journey starts here!